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Hello Fellow Collectors and Sports Nuts! PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 05 March 2010 22:52

Welcome to the new and improved Box Rippers Official Website.  My name is Tiger Lapointe the host of "Box Rippers" online sports card show.  We are currently spending a lot of our time doing group breaks, and chatting it up in the forums!  Box Rippers is dedicated to giving you, the viewer a variety of group breaks, intriguing discussions in our forums, and of course give aways!  Thank you for your continuous support!!  As always, stay tuned for the latest group breaks, card give aways, and come check out the latest topics in our forums!

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Latest Group Breaks

For those of you who are wondering, group breaks are live video breaks via the internet that allow a large group of collectors to get a chance at picking up some great cards and products, and truly have a great time doing it. First of all, you would simply need to go to YouTube and look up “Live Group Breaks” in the search field, and find an upcoming listing of a group break of your choice. You can also search by your favorite sport; be it Football, Baseball, Basketball, or Hockey; you should not have any trouble finding someone preparing to open some new product(s). Once you have found a Group Break that you would like to be involved with, simply send the Host a message to inquire on the specifics for your involvement (how you can get in on a spot). The video should inform you as to the type of products being open, date and time of the live video break, and where the live video will take place. Most of the community’s live group breaks take place on Blog TV where they will be recorded for later playback verification and to allow you to enjoy the break at a later time if you are unable for some reason to view the break live.

Once the break commences, teams will be first assigned to each spot (you can get more than one spot if available) in a draft-type manner. Each person in the break will be “randomized” a team for their spot. Once your spot has been given a team, you will have that team for each product involved with that group’s break. Most Hosts will allow for the selling and/or trading of the groups’ teams with other group members for an allotted amount of time: commonly five-to-seven minutes. Once all trading has ended, the Host will begin opening the products. In a typical group break, all numbered cards, rookie cards, inserts, parallels, and “hit” cards will be sent to the group member whose team coincides with the team of the player on the card. That’s pretty much it, the cards are now yours, and the Host will commonly ship the cards out to their new owners within two or three days.

The Bottom Line:

I know for a fact that our online community on YouTube and Blog TV is growing daily. I meet new people each day that I go on, and a lot of them are just like I was when I first came on there. They are excited and eager to get a chance at some awesome cards and get involved with a great community. With so much new product coming out right now and continuing consistently through the remainder of the year, our days and nights should be full of some really great group breaks. Group Breaks consisting of great products, new and old, is what is bringing our online community (regulars and new collectors) back each and every day; all in the hopes of finding that next “sick” card!! It is setting a trend in a fun and exciting way, and group breaks allow all of us a chance to get our hands on some phenomenal cards in a very economical way. What are you waiting for? Come and join us today.



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